Making the World Better: The Struggle for Equality in 19th Century America is a FREE curriculum packet produced in connection with the State House Women's Leadership Project

Designed primarily for middle- and high-school students, the curriculum was developed by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities and the Tsongas Industrial History Center at the University of Massachusetts/Lowell. The packet focuses on two of the six State House honorees:

Lucy Stone (1818-1893), abolitionist, suffrage leader, publisher and editor of the Woman's Journal

Sarah Parker Remond (1824-1894), African-American abolitionist who took the anti-slavery campaign to Great Britain

Teaching about Stone and Remond allows teachers to address many of the learning standards recommended in state and national curriculum frameworks. Making the World Better engages students in exploring the struggle for equality and encourages young people to reflect on and participate in the process of making their own world a better place. The materials are organized into four sections; each one deals with a different stage in the process of making change.

The packet consists of:

    1) information on the State House Women's Leadership Project and all six of the women it honors, as well as a Time Line for Stone and Remond (this information is contained on the folder);

    2) selection of primary source documents, transcribed and edited for use by middle school students;

    3) Teacher's Guide with activities designed to help students make connections between their own lives and the lives of these and other "change agents." The Guide also includes a list of resources—books, videos, websites, and other resources that can be used for teaching about the struggle for equality.

The Teacher's Guide, Primary Source Documents, Resource Guide and the folder information are only available as PDF files below.

Teacher's Guide

Primary Source Documents

Resource Guide


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