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Frederick Douglass, Courtesy of Chester County Historical Society, West Chester, PAThis page is both bibliography and book. It allows the user to either read and learn for her-or himself, or to use one or more of these resources in a discussion of Douglass' speech.

You will find here links to pages with articles, as well as links to web resources, Google Books, time lines, and a host of other pieces of information that start to put Douglass' speech in a variety of contexts: other works by Douglass, other abolitionist writings, speeches, the 1850s, the history of slavery and abolition, legal history about manhood and citizenship, scholarly treatments of Douglass and his works, the history of affirmative action. This resource makes no pretense whatsoever at completeness. Libraries full have been written on most of these topics. However, never before has so much primary material been available to so many. We hope you will find a tour through this page rewarding.

By Frederick Douglass
About Frederick Douglass or his work
Frederick Douglass in Massachusetts
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