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Social Media Outreach Grant
Filmmakers, in advance of a rough cut and a broadcast commitment, may request up to $10,000 for web-based projects at the May and November Project Grant deadlines. These projects may include but are not limited to the creation of an interactive Web and social media outreach strategy and work plan incorporating the use of Web-based social tools such as Facebook, YouTube, and online film festivals; the production of short films or film excerpts (under ten minutes in length) to be made available on a project Web site; or, in some cases, the development of an interactive aspect of a project Web site where an outreach plan is already present. The Web products for these grants must include substantial original material, both products of humanities-based research and video files. These grants are for Web-based projects that will accompany films that will be formatted and distributed by other means than streaming media available on a Web site, although grantees may make their films available on the Web as well.
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