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Liberty & Justice for All

Our current thematic initiative, "Liberty and Justice for All," gives priority to public humanities programs that explore two fundamental principles in American political life, and their interplay, past and present.
Please note:
May 2010 is the final deadline for LJA proposals. In the fall of 2010 a new thematic initiative will be announced.

Mass Humanities welcomes proposals for public programs examining topics such as:

  • understanding liberty in a modern democratic society
  • understanding justice in a modern democratic society
  • changing definitions of justice and freedom across cultures and through history
  • relationships, including conflicts, among concepts of liberty, justice and other values of a democratic society
  • the history and contemporary relevance of landmark legislation and/or judicial and/or executive decisions affecting concepts of liberty and justice in the United States
  • the accomplishments of individuals, organizations, and/or social movements devoted to the quest for social justice
  • challenges to the achievement of "liberty and justice for all."

Mass Humanities is especially interested in:

  • proposals that engage underserved audiences
  • proposals that involve collaboration between a humanities organization (e.g., college, university, museum, library) and a non-humanities organization, (e.g., public interest or civil rights organization, government agency, professional association, social service agency).

Proposals may utilize the full range of public program formats including, but not limited to public conferences, lectures and panel discussions, reading and discussion programs, oral history projects, museum exhibitions, theatrical presentations, documentary films, radio and video productions, professional workshops and seminars, and websites. The maximum grant is $10,000. All other Mass Humanities' grant guidelines and restrictions apply.

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